Sunday, May 3, 2009

Prom Night

So that you can experience the full sigh and sniff moment, I offer you this picture of The Prude that was taken just yesterday.
Prom was last night. Here is a picture of The Prude and her boyfriend. Boo hoo, hoo...sniff. I want my baby back.

How in the world did she go from adorable to drop dead beautiful overnight?

They went to dinner and prom with another couple. They all looked fabulous, dahling.

I remember when it was just me kissing those cheeks. Where is the rewind button? I gotta go back in time. This is my last baby.
I grin like that when she kisses my cheek, too. Though it's not nearly often enough anymore.
I liked this picture. His grin is pretty darn adorable.

Why can't we just go back to this point in time? I apologize, honey, for having made you wear that ridiculous tuft on your head. I understand why you pick out your own clothing and accessories. Looking at your prom pictures, I see now that you are much better at it than I.