Monday, February 2, 2009

Steven Tyler on Parenting

Did you ever see a celebrity on a talk show and either like them more or like them less after you have seen their true personality? Well, as true as it can be with the publicists and pr coaches.

I saw Steven Tyler, the lead singer for Aerosmith, a few years ago on a talk show talking about being a dad and he cracked me up. He was saying how kids keep you grounded and that, when you have kids, it was impossible to keep an inflated ego.

He was talking about a night when he was doing a concert and all these hot girls were in the front row, throwing their bras and panties at him. They were telling him all the things they wanted to do to him and how they wanted to have his baby.

Then, he goes home and one of his kids looks at him and says, "Gosh dad, why'd you wear that shirt? It makes you look fat".

I was with Emily the other day and I asked her, "How do you like my new scarf? It's my shabby chic scarf."

"Don't you mean your chubby cheek scarf?"

Ahh, Steven, we are so much alike...


  1. yeah, they keep ya humble, don't they!

  2. Seriously, is there really anything that could make Steven Tyler look fat?

    Anyway, why do our kids always think we are fat and weird? I can't wait until they have kids and get the same treatment.

  3. great story! NEVER ask the kids what they think!!!!!

  4. Hilarious! He's right - they do keep you humble.

  5. Just found your blog, and I am now a follower. Anyone who puts my hottie man Steven on their blog is someone I need to get to know better. :-)

  6. Ahhh yes... children and their little ego popping pins they carry around.

    The other day I took extra time to make my hair look nice... I came out of my bedroom and Essie looks at me, does the fake phone call thing with her fingers and says "Mom, it's the bride of Frankenstein, she'd like her hair back."


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