Friday, January 16, 2009

Hair Extensions

My daughter in law is a hairdresser, so she gave the Emster the choice of any "do" she wanted as part of her Christmas present. Em chose hair extensions and a new color. Isn't it interesting how women like to change their looks so drastically every now and again? I put on a lot of pictures for you, honey, because you are so far away.
This is what I got when I said to let me take some "before" pics.

Isn't she a daisy?

Such a lady. The children are so well behaved.

Isn't she a peach?

Yes, she can touch her nose with her tongue. What a skill! Should take her very far in life.

Ahh, Kristen, you have the patience of a saint.

Pretty drastic, she doesn't even look like the same kid. It would be great if she quit acting like the same kid. Just kidding, baby.

She is so pretty. None of my children look like me at all. Now she looks even less like me. She looks a lot older and a lot more exotic. I don't think I will let her leave the house any time soon. Honey, what did we do with those locks and chains?


  1. She is so pretty! I love the extentions. My daughter is always wanting them, but they cost so greakin much there is no way!
    I bet she LOVES having them:)

  2. Hey Babe
    She is not to leave the house except for school. She has always been a good looker as our other two children. It is amazing to see the change. Thanks for the pic's You are wrong about their looks I see you in all of them.
    Love you.

  3. First of all, I would like to say how talented your lovely daughter is. Touching you tounge to your nose is not an easy feat. lol

    Her hair looks great. The color is beautiful. Does she like it?

  4. Aww I always think of my little girls growing up to br teenagers everytime I see young girls like your daughter on the street or blog. She is pretty - and my youngest can touch her nose with her tongue..

    Thank you so much for supporting my big day past Wednesday - it meant a lot to me..

    Have a wonderful weekend!


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