Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Toe Socks

Toe socks are nasty. I never liked them for my own personal use. My toes are somewhat of a close-knit family and they like the comfort and warmth of each other in a regular sock.

My daughter, however, loves toe socks and when a sock is called for, she prefers her toes individually wrapped. This would normally be a non-issue, if not for the fact that I occasionally like to help her out with her laundry. If she has a lot of homework, or is working at the pizza place, I'll pitch in a help a girl out.

I don't know about all your daughters out there, but my daughter's feet smell like she has been walking across dead bodies. When a 17 year old comes in from the gym and peels off her socks to take a shower, do you think she bothers to unwad them and turn them right-side-out before she tosses them into her hamper? Never. So these puppies have been rode hard and put away wet.

By the time I get to them, they have dried into a crusty little ball. In case you hadn't figured it out yet, there is a chemical in dried up kid sweat that causes it to become hard, yet friable, upon touching. Sort of like asbestos. Not only do I have to turn this toxic tuft right-side-out, but I have to stick my finger in each and every slot. That's 10 crusty crevices per pair. Yummy!


  1. Ewwww! And I'm about to eat dinner!

  2. those would be great with flip flops!!

  3. it's like camel toe for feet :(

  4. I've always stared at those who had these on.

    I'm always like..."That's NOT right". the new page!!

  5. I have lots of nasty smelling feet in this house!
    Love the new look around here.

  6. Yuch! Even without toe socks, my family manages to throw hardened/slimy disgusting sock balls down the laundry chute.

    Maybe I should offer them a great dessert each week I don't have to unball socks?

  7. Hahahahah!!! OMG, you're hilarious!!!!! :-D

    Poor you, having to deal with crusty toe socks!! Fortunately, I just have my own socks to deal with -- no kids, the dogs don't wear socks, and hubby does his own laundry :-)

    I seem to recall having rainbow-coloured toe socks when I was a kid... don't remember wearing them, though. I'm with you, my toes don't like being divided and conquered. I can't even wear flip flops with that piece that goes between your big toe and the next toe over.

    Good to hear I'm not the only one who's turned on by the Exclamation Table!! ;-)

    Kelly @ DesignTies

  8. I hope your daughter appreciates how much you love her...I don't know that I'd be sticking my hand in her nasty dirty sock - I'd just be throwing it in the washer and hoping for the best. You're a good mom!

  9. LMAO. I hate those socks and my teen daughter likes them too!!


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