Friday, May 1, 2009

Dirty Rotten Scoundrel

I was standing in the kitchen and saw a black lab in my backyard. My daughter, my dil, and I, along with my daughter's dog, Cash, hurried out the back door. The interloping dog ran to the fence and CLIMBED it...quickly.

Why would a dog go through such an effort to get into my backyard, you ask. Because our precious little baby Lulu Belle, who is not even ten months old yet, decided to become a woman dog this week.

I had no idea what those dirty rotten scoundrel boy dogs were capable of. Who knew they could actually climb fences. Now Lulu is not allowed to go outside unless one of us, along with her brother Cash, goes outside with her. After all, somebody's got to protect her honor.

Lulu can't help it she is an irresistable sexy beast. Grr, Baby, grr.
I can't imagine what an English Bulldog, black lab combo would look like, but it can't be too pretty.


  1. Aww poor Lulu. She's too cute!

  2. yep, she's the miss world of the doggy world alright!

  3. She is still a babe! The pics are too cute! You can see the "Need" in that lab's face! LOL

  4. Oh my, Miss Lulu better be careful -- those Labs and other fellas are smooth talking devils!

    I'm surprised the Lab left at all. Dogs will scale tall buildings in a single bound to get to a ...ahem ... "receptive" lady!

    English bulldog and black Lab? The mind boggles.
    Keep that girl safe!

  5. No MUTT is worth the pain n suffering a female bully goes through for a litter.... sorry :/


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