Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Sylvester's New Digs

Hi Honey,

We moved Sylvester from inside the house to the pond. I think he is digging his new digs. What do you think? He's on top of the rock working on his tan right now.

Remember that seahorse tank I got on Sunday? I found the tiniest, baby, blue starfish in it today. I had to really zoom in and he is still difficult to see. He is right in the middle of the picture. He is only about the size of the top of an ink pen. We would have thought he was just part of the coral if he hadn't moved.

The male (or so we are calling him) kept getting stuck to the intake and he was getting distressed, so I put a big, ugly plastic plant in front of it. Then I put a piece of pantyhose over the output side to reduce the current that was beating him up. I think everyone is a lot happier now. Even the coral.


  1. So there's a baby?

  2. thats sweet, i love seahorses, i just doubt my ability to be a good keeper xxx


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