Monday, September 14, 2009

Smiling Newborns

Is there anything sweeter than a smiling newborn? I can't believe I'm a Great Aunt. He is so much fun, I could just sit and hold him all day.

Emily was holding him and made him smile...aww.
Kristen, you look really beautiful holding that baby. Was that not subtle?


  1. Aw, I LOVE babies. I now have 2 great nieces. But I need one nearby. Gotta get my baby fix.

    Your little nephew is so cute!

  2. Oh I have 6 great nieces and nephews -- No! make that 7 -- I forgot one for a moment! They are adorable -- I love babies, miss having them around, and will really love being a grandma someday. But not yet! :-)

  3. Oh Kim -- just wanted to say I love your profile -- that you enjoy annoying your children .... I used to ask my girls, "Did I embarrass you?" when they were teens, and they'd say "Yes," and I'd say, "Good! You embarrassed me plenty when you were little, now it's MY turn." -- Cass

  4. So cute that my uterus is hurting!

  5. I just want to tickle him under the chin. Too cute for words!!


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