Thursday, October 1, 2009

Ultrasound Video

Hi Honey,

We had the 4D ultrasound today. The technician recorded the entire 20 minute session. Since that is way too much to upload here, and since I am computer illiterate, I pointed my camera at the screen and recorded 1 minute for you. It was the good part, where Little Niblet kept trying to find his thumb to suck on it and had no luck.

He has changed so much since the last ultrasound. He is beautiful. Look at those chubby cheeks. And that little turned up nose. I wish you were here to share all this stuff with us.

CAUTION: Music comes blaring on half way through, sorry.


  1. Wow Kim....soooo amazing! Haven't stopped by in a while and so glad today was a good day :)

  2. Oooh so nice! If I keep seeing this cute kind of things I'll have babies before I finish school! :))


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