Monday, December 22, 2008

Snowmen are HOT!

I just got this sweet fellow. I had to have him. He is all sparkly, with little jewels all over him that reflect his multi-colored twinkle lights. This picture doesn't do him justice. He looks better from a distance. It's okay little guy, I look better from a distance too.

I've had this big guy for a long time. We go way back. He has spent every Christmas in my foyer for several years. I purchased him at the big craft show Lakota East puts on every year. The twinkle lights in his wreath finally gave out, so I tried to re-string it, but I made the mistake of using white instead of green. I'll pick up a strand of green next time I go out. I know you're not worried, big fella, you're secure enough in your manhood.

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