Friday, January 30, 2009

Crappy Crafts and Useless Information

Crappy Craft

Here's my crappy craft project. It takes about 5 seconds to make. Hey, I added the coffee beans all by myself and it was my idea.

Useless Information

Well, I guess I've lost it. I no longer have my gift. I was informed this week about two pregnancies and I had no fish dreams. Man, am I bummed! That was my only gift, my only talent, my only ability, my only thing. I definitely should have had at least 1 fish dream because the young lady is related. Dang!

A Wiener in the Snow

I'll let you decide which weiner is in the snow...

The old man here is 13. I can only get him to go outside twice a day.

Some Pics for John

Here's the firepit, Babe. Just wanted you to see how much snow we finally ended up getting. It's pretty bad when you go to Russia and get out of the cold. Did you get one of those big Dr. Zhivago hats yet?

How about your veranda? You have to admit. These icicles do look really cool. You probably wouldn't want to walk underneath them unless you had a death wish, though.

I just threw in this picture of the sundial. Look how the little thing (I'm sure it has a name) is peeking out of the snowball. It looks like a nose.

Now I'm going to have to look up what that part of a sundial is called. It will drive me crazy if I don't.


  1. I kinda miss snow - that clean whiteness...

    But then I think about people around here driving in it and I change my mind.

    Cool pics though!!!

  2. I'm surprised your poor little weiner can stand in that deep snow with his little legs:)

  3. Okay, that's so weird that you posted a pic of your firepit, too.

    Funny stuff.

    My dog likes the snow for a minute, then wants to run inside and thaw out her little paws. She needs some puppy galoshes!

  4. Your fish dream was just a little early, that's all. You haven't lost it, it's just a little rusty. lol

    How many dogs do you have??? Seriously.

    I love your craft project. Does it smell good. I love the smell of coffee, but don't like to drink it.


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