Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Ugly Weather - Beautiful Photos

For those of you not from Ohio, we are SNOWED IN!! It is not just snow, it is ice covering everything. If it was outside, it is now encased in ice. Everything is closed and we are under a snow emergency.

It is still coming down. It is rumored that we are going to have accumulated 10 inches by the end of the day. I hope not.


  1. Those are gorgeous shots! Did you actually have to go out in this though to get them??

    We are going to try to venture out here in a little bit. The boys left our snow shovel in the yard yesterday, so now it is lost and buried in snow and encased in ice. We can't shovel our driveway. I think I'll tell them whoever can find it gets a dollar! That might work!

  2. Yes, it is beautiful, as long as the trees don't break and take out the power lines. How cold is it in Russia?

  3. Oh dear, ours started last night here in we're heading toward what you long as our power doesn't go out I'll be fine!

  4. The photos are absolutely stunning. I personally love snowy weather. I hope you're enjoying it (at least a little bit)!


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