Thursday, January 22, 2009

Thrift Store Thursday and a Friendaversary

I am so happy that the weather has gotten good enough for thrift shop hopping again. Here are my finds from yesterday. I got some good stuff for my "white" cabinet (the contents, not the exterior).

My favorite thing is this Joshua Crabtree china coffeepot. It is in perfect condition...whoo hoo!

My second favorite thing are these Mikasa candlestick holders, made even lovelier by the $2 price tag.

A Friendaversary
I was late getting my post online today because I spent the day with my favorite gal pal, Sarah. We were celebrating our 20 year friendaversary. We went shopping and out to lunch, our very favorite things to do. How could anyone possibly put up with me for 20 years?
This might explain it. Here is a picture of Sarah:
Love ya, Girlfriend!

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  1. That is awsome that you have been blessed to have a close friend for 20 years! How cool!

    Heather and I celebrated our 1 year anniversary last September, but we weren't cool enough to come up with the term Friendaversary, so people joked we were gay to be having an anniversary. Oh well, we had alot of fun, and we do love each other and our husbands don't mind:)


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