Thursday, February 26, 2009

I Don't Get It...

I made the big mistake of starting to college at the same time my son did (different schools, of course). Nursing school to be exact. I was the oldest person in nursing school, great for the ego. We were in our clinical groups one afternoon when I and another student, approximate age 19, had to move our medical mannequin from one bed to another. When we got about half way across the room with him, I at his head, her at his feet, his detachable junk fell off and hit the floor.

We started laughing and I quipped, "He's obviously not Jewish."

"How do you know?" she asked.

Dang! I wanted to be funny, not instructive.

"Because he's not circumcised," I said, completely bummed that my joke had been lost on her.

"How can you tell?" she wanted to know.

So, with one last grasp at being a comedienne, and while grasping said genitalia of our rubber patient, I said, "See how this one looks like Mort from Bazooka Joe?"

"Who's Bazooka Joe?"

And there it went. All my fantastic wit and comic timing gone forever in the crevice that is the generation gap.


Psst...don't tell anybody, but if you have entered my contest (see camera) and put Kim or Chamomile Tea in the third box, I put in a couple of additional entries for you. Remember, don't tell anybody.


  1. Oh my gosh-that convo was hilarious! "How do you know?" "Who's bazooka joe?" lol!

  2. That is too funny! Where is this person practicing now? You know, just in case! Who's bazooka joe? Yeah, where are they working?

  3. Who's Bazooka Joe??? I was born in '75, so....

    Just Kidding!!!!! Just trying to get your goat:)

  4. Oh Missy, I could tell you some stories. You would definitely not want them practicing on you.

  5. Bazooka Joe!! That certainly brings some memories back!!
    "How do you know?" - at nursing school? LOL

  6. LMAO, you should have just smacked her with the said genitalia and told her to shut up.


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