Tuesday, February 24, 2009

One of Those Days

As a general rule, I am always
a. easygoing
b. happy
c. cooperative
d. looking for a good time

On Sunday, I was
a. tired
b. depressed
c. short-tempered
d. a total beotch

I wanted everyone to
a. leave me alone
b. go away
c. kiss my butt
d. sit down and shut up

My dogs are the only ones who
a. love me
b. understand me
c. can tolerate me
d. know how to sit down and shut up

I sought intense therapy in the form of
a. a recliner
b. a nap
c. a television
d. my dogs



  1. Ooooooo, I'm coming to YOUR house!

  2. You crack me up..I am so glad you are better!!

  3. That is absolutely the best cure ever! Being at college is great, except that I am so far away from my dog-- haven't seen her since August.

  4. Dogs are the best. No matter what you do or say to them, they still want to lick your face and snuggle up next to you.

    I'll have to remember this cure the next time I'm PMS'ing. Unfortunately, that time is due to coincide with my Disney trip. CRAP!

  5. I love multiple choice quizzes where all of the answers are "all of the above." Glad you have recovered. Looks like the right remedy to me.

  6. Love the pic! Your dogs are beautiful!

  7. Shooooot, I ain't lettin' Sugar see this!

  8. Mrs. Parks -- Come on over
    Sarah Holden -- You crack me up
    Blythe -- She will be so glad to see you
    Heather -- If you're in Disney, you won't even notice PMS. (The other happened to me on my honeymoon).
    Cass -- It works for many a malady, actually.
    Missy -- Yes, but they're not conceited.
    heathersister (I know who you are) -- I'm telling Sugar! I'm telling Sugar!


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