Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Happy Anniversary, John

It's been fifteen years since this picture was taken at the World Famous Chapel of the Bells in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Our physical appearances may have changed, but our relationship hasn't. You are still my knight in shining armor. You come to my rescue if you are down the street or if you are in Haiti.
Your faith in me is enormous and completely unwarranted. You have put up with all my crazy ideas and supported all of my many failures. From selling Mary Kay to writing children’s books to getting a nursing license to selling real estate, you always said that one day I would hit it. Whether I do or not is unimportant. The beauty is in the hope, faith, and effort. I hope the kids have learned this. I would rather see them try one hundred times and fail than never to try one thing at all.
You have given me enough love and support that it no longer matters what anyone else thinks.
We are the stupidest people on earth with regards to our finances. We could make Suze Orman go bald and Dave Ramsey curse. And I don’t even care. We are old and in debt. But gosh, we have had fun and seen some great things. I hope to see a lot more and meet a lot more interesting people. Remember that lady in New Mexico? She was great.
You run out for milk any time, day or night.
You help with the dishes.
But, what really epitomizes the kind of person you are and how you treat me, when we are laying in bed late at night, watching television, and I say, "I don't want my gum anymore", you hold out your hand.

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