Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Sweetie Pie

We recently got to spend the evening with some close friends, Mike and Tonya. They have a precious four year old daughter, Monafia. Spending time with a little one makes you aware of things that you took for granted when yours were that age.

They not only let you take their picture, they will hold a "cheeeeeese" for as long as necessary.
They will let you put shiny black patent leather shoes on their feet and dress them in black velvet dresses with matching tights.
They will let you put sparkly barretts in their hair.
They will let you pick them up and you can!
They will let you kiss that incredibly soft little neck that smells like heaven.

So, if you have a child going through the "terrible twos" or "terrible threes", get out a camera and pick them up and bury your face in that neck and take a big, long, sniff.

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