Sunday, February 15, 2009

An office makeover and money to do it

I've been busy this week trying to get my office done in time to submit my before and after pics to Metamorphosis Monday. You should visit them. There are some great re-dos and some inventive ideas there.

I couldn't take it anymore. This beige office was ugly and depressing.

So I decided to have a little fun with it. What could be more fun than pink and chocolate?

I said I was having fun, I didn't say I knew how to decorate.

My friend, Tara, has a blog called kidz. It is a site that celebrates the lives and lessons of special needs children, a.k.a. kidz. It is a site for everyone, not just friends and families of kidz. The mission is to increase awareness and understanding about different health conditions and to help all people cope with challenges and enjoy life!
She is giving away some great things this week like a $200 gift card to Target and a $100 gift card to Ikea. These could really come in handy when you decide to redecorate your office in pink and chocolate.


  1. That is FANTASTIC. Way more fun than the beige, for sure. I bet it's a lot more interesting to work in now!

  2. You CAN decorate -- lovely makeover. And thanks for the information about Kidz.

    I love your blog header. Made me laugh out loud, and glad I wasn't drinking coffee at the time -- my monitor would be wearing it now!

    Cass, whose own dogs are kinda dirty right now, too....

  3. What are you talking about, you did a great job! Pink and chocolate are awesome together! Hope you win the gift card...

  4. There's nothing wrong with pink and chocolate;) Looks so much better!! Great job! French;)

  5. It looks great and I bet you enjoy your office so much more now that there's always chocolate!

  6. I love it!!!
    And to think we just painted more beige this weekend...
    I can't help myself, my sister says I'm "vanilla"

  7. Oh what a very fun makeover! I love the new look. You did a fabulous job!!

  8. You definitely added FUN elements! ENJOY!

  9. Now THATS a metamorphous! Well done and so pretty!
    Enjoy your new office!

    *Really Rainey

    P.S. Your dogs are sooo adorable!

  10. I love pink & chocolate together. Room looks superb!!!

  11. What a wonderful transformation! Well done! Love the new colors!

  12. I think your office looks great!!

    I don't know if you husband will like it?? (with it being pink) But since he is not in town to ask, we will not! Kay!

  13. i am sooooooooo jealous, what do you mean that you cant decorate, this is fabulous. If i had my own personal space i would so do this color combination.
    thanks for sharing

  14. I like your office, but I think I like your philosphy and attitude even more!

  15. Hey I love how you decorated it. You did a pretty good job, and the colors are so yummy looking.


  16. I love pink and brown together, and you've done a fantabulous job pulling it all together!
    Victoria @ DesignTies

  17. Thanks so much for helping to spread the word! I appreciate the support. =)

  18. oooooh, I think your office looks really cool.


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