Friday, March 20, 2009

Flashback Friday

Everybody go over to Tara's at TMI and join in on the Flashback Friday fun. Her blog is always interesting, never boring, her daughter is a cutie patootie and Tara is gorgeous.

This picture is a very good example of my teenage brattiness. I was 13 when we moved from town to our house "out in the country". And it was. It was a little house with several outbuildings on five acres stuck right smack dab in the middle of a cornfield, about a 20 minute drive into town.

When we moved, I took my little dog with me. She was a stray I had picked up in town, a small, yellow dog with longish hair.

One day, when we came home, there were three strange dogs wandering around behind our house.

"Do NOT let your dog out," my mom said, "She is evidently in heat."

Isn't that amazing how dogs can smell that from miles away and find their way to your house? I had never seen any of these dogs before. There were only 4 other houses on this road and I was pretty sure that those dogs didn't belong to any of them.

"When you put her out to go to the bathroom, lock her in the chicken coop until she's done," she said, "The last thing we need is a litter of puppies."

Puppies?! Did she say puppies?! Puppies! Puppies! I love puppies! Yay puppies!

"Okay," I said.

No sooner had she left for work the next morning, I doubt she was out of the driveway, in my juvenile selfishness, I let the dog out. That poor little dog.

Two months later, this was what we got:

If you count them, there are 11, not quite an even dozen. That little dog's belly was so massive, when she rolled over for me to rub it, she couldn't get turned back upright. I did feel guilty after she had them and her little belly was covered with scratches and hickeys. But fortunately, because we knew so many people from having the store, we were able to find good homes for all of them. Being from a small town, you know the good homes from the bad.

Did you know that dogs can have more than one baby daddy? If you look at that picture, some of them looked like border collies, some looked like beagles, and I think there may have been a couple of cocker spaniels.

P.S. Mom wanted to kill me.

Hey, Why do chicken coops only have two doors?
Because if they had four, they would be chicken sedans......hahahah


  1. LMAO You were pimpin your dog out.

  2. I can understand the temptation; I felt this way (a little bit) when we got Ellie two years ago. Isabel really wanted her to have puppies, but I was too afraid we'd have trouble getting rid of all of them.

    ELEVEN puppies?! I had no idea one little dog could have so many!

    You were a stinker!

  3. One year, we had two dogs who both had puppies with the neighbor's dog. We had a total of 16 puppies within days of each other. Good times.

  4. awww that is so cute. when I got my two cats in law school they were sooooo cute I really wanted to have kitties before I got them fixed but as my wise sister put it, that is how many more unwanted cats in this I didn't. sigh.

    how is your haircut?

  5. Oh my gosh! I can't believe you did that!!! Hahaha! Totally something I would do!

  6. Kim, you are so naughty! LOL I love it! I seriously didn't know dogs could have puppies from more than one daddy, but yikes, looks like they can! Chicken sedans... you're really on one today!

  7. I bet your mom DID want to kill you! Oh My Gosh!


  8. I bet your mom was ticked! But you can certainly understand a child wanting puppies:)


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