Sunday, March 22, 2009

My Favorite Clean Joke

I shared my favorite dirty joke so here's my favorite clean one:

A couple of years ago, my uncle died. My aunt didn't have enough money to pay for the funeral herself, so she asked my father for help.

"Of course, I'll help," Dad said, "I'll pay for the entire funeral."

So dad ended up paying for the entire funeral because he didn't want my aunt to be financially strapped. About a month later, dad started getting these bills in the mail, from my aunt, for a little over a hundred dollars.

He called my aunt and said, "Listen, I didn't mind paying for the funeral, but what are these bills for over a hundred dollars a month?"

"Oh that," my aunt said, "yeah...I buried him in a rented tux."


  1. The joke was good and clean, but I got the most hee haw out of your daughter Emily's list of favourite words and why.

    She is my kind of funny.

    I particularly like her reasoning of the word "face".

    I've never made a list of favourite words. I'll have to get my notepad out now. "Awesome" would be one for sure.

    And "comfortable". What an awkward word. But with a lot of oomph.

  2. This is too good! Love it! That is probably what I will do with my DH!

  3. This is really funny hahaha

    My aunt actually said (to my mum and another aunt, I think) when uncle, her husband, was also present:

    "When one of us dies, I will go to a home..."

  4. That made me chuckle! Thanks.


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