Sunday, April 12, 2009

A Big Shindig

You don't turn 90 every day, so when Papaw turned 90, we had to have a shindig. His four children rented the UAW hall and yesterday we threw a PAR-TAY!
We erected a shrine in his honor.

A picture of the Lester with the birthday boy.

The ham thief didn't know he was under surveillance. He is very stealthy and thought no one was looking when he slipped into the kitchen. Here he is trying to weigh the possible consequences of his actions.

Screw it! It's worth it. Who's the idiot that forgot to cut the tag off the back of his hat? Oh wait, that'd be me.

Yeah, baby, so worth it. So very deliciously worth it.

I don't know which is funnier, the candle falling over or the balloons growing out of my cousin's head. My super-awesome Aunt Carol is on the far left, my hilarious cousin, my sweetie pie sister-in-law, then my rockin' redhead mom. Of course Granny Grump and Papaw are at the table.

I love kids, they keep the party going. This is my cousin's youngest son. I wonder where he gets that sense of humor. Hmm....any ideas, cuz?

Just one little push and all my troubles could be over. 65 years of marriage, I've paid my dues.

Easter egg hunts are so much better with a baby. Even if they prefer dandelions over Easter eggs.

Papaw was a hard-working man. His name is on a plaque of Fisher Body (aka, GM) retirees in the union hall. He was employed for 30 years. He has now been retired for 32 years. The black dot means he is still kickin'. Thank you, God.
"How old were you when you retired, Papaw?" I asked him while we were looking at the plaque.
"I was 58," he said, "They had to shut the plant down when I left."
That's my Papaw!

This is my favorite picture of Papaw. He was around 25 years old. Those eyes! That smile! No wonder Granny Grump married him.


  1. People like him deserve every happy birthday, don't they? And the party! I remember my grandma - we went out for dinner for her 80th birthday and then we had live music and all which she had known nothing about. She was just sooooo happy! The kids - they are really who make everything going, not just parties, right? At least for me - they give a sense to everything.

  2. what a great party, he looks totally amazing for 90 prizes for guessing who won the most hats worn at once contest!!!lol!

  3. This is great! Funny! My mamaw will be 100 if she makes it to June 21! He is a cute papaw!

  4. What a cute guy! What a fun party!

    Happy Easter!

  5. Awww... 65 years of marriage... I love it!!! I hope you all have a wonderful easter... and I hope he has many more wonderful birthdays in the future!!!

  6. I'm the cousin, and yes, that's my kid with the hats! We love you, Papaw. Kim, thanks for all of the pictures!

  7. PawPaw is so cute!!!

    And I love that party hat all over your head look. That could be a new trend!


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