Thursday, April 16, 2009

Redneck Woman Dirty Joke

Three redneck women were sitting on the front porch sofa one afternoon, discussing string beans and chicken feed, when the conversation got around to their husbands.

"This is gettin' purdy confusin'," said the first redneck woman, "Since all our husbands' names are Jim-Bob."

"Yeah," said the second redneck woman, "Reckon we oughtta come up with nicknames fer 'em."

"Good idear," said the third redneck woman, looking down at the bottle of Coca-Cola in her hand, "How's about we name 'em after soda pops?"

The other two nodded and, after a few minutes of thinking, the first redneck woman offered, "I'm gonna name my Jim-Bob 'Mountain Dew', 'cause when he's doin' me, he's doin' it right."

"I'm gonna name my Jim-Bob 'Seven Up'," said the second redneck woman, "Cause he can do me seven times and still be up for more."

"Then I'm gonna name my Jim-Bob 'Jack Daniels'," said the third redneck woman.

"You can't name your Jim-Bob Jack Daniels," protested the other two, that's not a soda pop, that's a hard liquor."

"I know," said the third redneck woman with a sly grin.


  1. Heh.... heh heh.. heh heh...........heh heh.

  2. Oh my!!! LOL! I did NOT see that coming... took me a second to get it, then my jaw dropped to the floor.... LMAO!

  3. Sadly, it took me a minute... Guess I should get some coffee...

  4. ahahahahahahha.



    That's funny. :-)

  5. Ewwwwwwwwwwwwww

  6. I think this was one of the best ones.


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