Monday, April 6, 2009

What Does It For You?

I am a student of human nature. It's amazing how people are exactly alike in some ways and completely different in others, especially in what they find attractive in another person. So I hope you humor me and play along.

Fill in the blank: I really have a thing for _______. For example, I really have a thing for sexy hands. When I met my husband, I thought he had the perfect hands. I looked at those hands and thought, I can't wait to have those hands all over me. Sorry kids.

I made the mistake of telling him one day while he was hammering something out back that watching him swing that hammer with those big strong hands was gettin' me all stirred up. Now he always makes the hammering gesture and says, "This doing anything for you?" Sorry again kids.

My good friend said once, "There is just something about a guy with tanned feet. I have a thing for tanned feet, it really does it for me."

For my eldest daughter, it's smell, "Nothing turns me on more than a great smelling guy."
I asked my youngest, "Is there one thing that you really like on a guy? Like"
And before I could get it all out, she says, "Like being a vampire?"
"You need help."
"No really," she said, "it's shoulders."
"Big shoulders?"
"Yes, big, strong shoulders," she said with a sigh and a smile.

So what does it for you? I realize it's a total package, blah blah blah, but is there one thing that "does it" for you?


  1. I really have a thing for tall men....gotta be tall, could never find a man shorter than me a turn on...what does that make me...heightist??? lol! of course, tall isn't the only requirement, but its a must....

  2. Eyes... definitely eyes. Good post! =)

  3. Facial hair.

    Jack Sparrow..pirate...rough...take me now!

    He knows if he shaves it off that I am mad, and he ain't gettin nothing till it grows back in!

  4. Broad shoulders ready for me to lean on... but yes, the whole package.

    And another thing (can I have two?): words! I can fall in love with someone who has something to say, who can talk, read and write! My sweetheart writes sonnets... I think that says everything.

  5. It truly depends on the man. I like a strong cheek though.

  6. Does it have to be physical? Cause if you can make me laugh you can totally have your way with me. (Does that make me sound like a whore? Sorry, kids!)

  7. I would have to say an untanned buttocks! You know, tan lines! Although, vampires are really attracted too!

  8. Well, obviously I gotta say the cliche "man in uniform" one. But other than that, I love eyes and butts!
    And when my hubby gets a hair cut and looks all clean cut it totally gets me in the mood!

  9. Hmmm... I really have a thing for someone who can make me laugh.

    I really have a thing for eyes.


    I really have a thing for some good biceps.

  10. I like big butts...I cannot lie


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