Saturday, April 4, 2009

5 Quick Questions Part 2

  1. Why can't I find the button for the cloaking device on my car? I know I have one because I have accidentally activated it on several occasions.
  2. Leslie wants to know, why do all of the old guys at the hospital deliberately show you their junk, but the hot, young, guys hang onto their boxers until their knuckles turn white?
  3. How many double stuffed oreos is too many?
  4. Why do I think of this commercial every time I see my husband naked?
  5. Why won't he do the "tricky part" when I ask him to?

"I'm going to try crazy on and see how it fits." - Nikki Payne


  1. There is no such thing as too many oreos! These are great questions!

  2. I agree...there is no such thing as too many oreos!!!

    And girl, I am baffled that that commercial make you think of your husband! LOL!!!!!

    {{{Thanks for today}}}

  3. 1. You dropped it in the parking lot at the grocery store. There's a homeless guy now that can't find his box.

    2. I'm assuming (judging from my Dad's junk flinging performance in the hospital) that death is nearer and there's a few more people on earth that you want to show your nads off to before you get dirt thrown on you.

    3. Invalid question.

    4. Being a complete heterosexual man I am disqualifying myself from this question. Complete.

    5. You need to be more liberal with your bribing. He WILL perform.

  4. Oh man that is freaking fabulous.

    Although, I am not sure that I can ever bring myself to eat another Fig Newton as long as I live. Thanks for that.

    Too many Oreos? WHAT.EV.ER. No such thing!! DoubleStuf or otherwise!

    And I *heart* Cowguy. :P Fabulous retorts, dear one!


  5. too many oreo's is when there are none left in the world...

  6. OH,OH! This is my favorite commercial in the world! I even did the song and dance for my fourth graders last year. They I was amazed that I remembered it 30 years later.

  7. My kids pop oreos like crack. I buy all kinds of junk for them that I would never touch. Kudos on getting two out of the nest! And... my sister lives in West Chester. I will have to ask her about the stabbing.

  8. You are hilarious! Love this post! Love it!
    "The tricky part" hahaha!


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