Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Emily's Big Accomplishment

She is parking in the driveway!

I had to take this picture at night so she wouldn't catch me blogging about her.

In the immortal words of Dr. Seuss, "This may not seem very important I know, but it is, so I'm bothering telling you so."

Emily and both of the other kids insisted on a manual transmission car when they were teens so that they would be forced to learn to drive it. She has finally gotten good enough at clutching to pull into our slanted driveway. For the past 4 months, she has been parking on the street to avoid the embarassment of stalling it on the driveway. She finally felt she had gotten good enough with her clutching skills to park in the driveway. I'm so proud.

She had the car for about 2 months when she said, "Mom, I really like this car."

"Well I'm glad you like it."

"I feel BAAAD driving it."

She cracks me up.

For these beautiful flowers you sent me yesterday. They go perfect in the new pink office.


  1. I surprised my daughter with a brand new car, manual transmission.
    It took her a week or so to learn how to drive it and she would take my son with her to practice.
    When she fot it figured out Wyatt was so relieved, he said he was getting a sore neck from bouncing against the back seat!

    Love the flowers :)

  2. I totally agree that everyone should learn how to drive a stick first thing. Good for your daughter!

    The flowers are gorgeous!

  3. LOL!!!! good for her!

    And those flowers are BEAUTIFUL!!!!

  4. Look at those beautiful flowers!

    I still don't know how to drive stick shift!

  5. that is a great idea to make them learn when they are young! that's how i learned. i probably never would have otherwise!

    and beautiful flowers!!!

  6. Beautiful flowers and I do understand the parking excitement! Yay!

  7. What an accomplishment! yay!

    Beautiful flowers!

  8. Thanks for the visit to my blog. This is cute, my daughter also wanted her first car to be a stick (dad and I both drive stick shifts) - when we asked her why, she said nobody knows how to drive a manual transmission anymore, so they won't be able to borrow my car! Bright girl lol. Kathy


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