Friday, February 6, 2009

Flashback Fridays

I have imprisoned my baby sister in the new birthday doll bed. I am not sure whose birthday it was, but since our birthdays are 9 days apart, it was probably for both of us.

Don't worry, she got me back many times. Someday I will tell you about when she tied me to the bus.


  1. Look at you bein all Vanna White about it too :) TOO CUTE!!!

  2. I found your site from the Mr. Linky at Tara's site.

    Look at your dress! Did your Mom make it, and your sister's too? You are lucky to have had a sister. She doesn't look like she minds being in that bed too much. :)

  3. Oh my heck you are such a cutie! And THAT DRESS!!! I love that dress!

    I canNOT wait to hear about the 'tied to a bus' incident! ;o)

  4. Oh - now THAT is a great picture...can't wait to hear the bus story. I'm glad you both made it out safely!

    This is the first time I've been to your blog...I LOVE your heading - that is hilarious!

    Please check out my Flashback Friday:

  5. Look at that TV? I remember that. Seriously. What a flashback for everyone.

    And if someone snapped a photo of your sister tying you to the bus, I hope that's your next weeks photo :)

  6. I'm ready for the tied to the bus post!

  7. Thanks so much for your help today. You were the best!!

  8. Love the TV and the shoes on the ladies in the picture. I remember doll furniture like that.


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