Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Most Embarassing Moments

In the immortal words of Jimmy Buffett, "If we couldn't laugh, we just would go insane."

So...because I woke up to this...

Which made me want to do this...
I thought we could all make each other laugh so we didn't do this...
Since nothing makes me laugh or makes me feel better about myself more than hearing other people's most embarassing moments stories, I thought we could share. I'll get the ball rolling.
Here is mine:
It was Thanksgiving Day. I was 19. I had just moved to this area with my family from a little town in the middle of a corn field about 65 miles east of here. We were staying with relatives until we could find a house to rent.
Our imposed upon relatives decided to go to a friend's house for Thanksgiving Dinner, so we went out to eat. Back then, there weren't that many places open on Thanksgiving Day, but we found a nice buffet.
We got a table and my sister, age 17, and I went up to get our food. I am going through the buffet line in front of her. Did I say it was Thanksgiving Day? We get to the end of the buffet and there was a young man carving a turkey. You know how they do, there is a guy with a big knife and fork carving a hunk of meat under a glowing red light.
I look at him and say, "I'll take dark meat."
This kid looks at me like the top of my head just popped off and spring-loaded snakes just blew out. He doesn't move or say anything.
I am confused, so I turn around to my sister and say, "Right, Cindy?"
Cindy doesn't know what this kid's problem is either, so she nods and says, "Yeah, dark meat!"
The cuddly young carver puffs, "This is a roast beef."
I turned redder than my hair, "I'll take some of that then," and slinked back to the table. Cindy was right behind me with her plate of roast beef turkey.
I don't think there has been a single conversation between me and my sister in the last 26 years that "Yeah, dark meat!" has not been interjected somewhere.
Okay, I showed you mine, now you show me yours!


  1. That is too funny! And I can so see that happening to me.

  2. I blogged mine a while back - you can check it out -

  3. Since my life is so full of embarrassing moments, I decided to make good use of them by creating my blog. :-)

  4. Oh man...It would have to be the time I got called back to my host stand and I was going down the escalator...I tried running back up and right at the top when I ran up the last down escalator stair, I bit it. Not pretty. In front of all my co-workers and boss.

  5. Haha! That's a good one!

    I would post mine, but I'm not the mood for posting much today, just more of a visiting others' type of day! ;)


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