Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Greetings from Russia

John emailed me some pictures from Russia I thought I would share. This is a Russian baby stroller. How about those wheels?
This is where John is staying. It is called the Shifaly. To be more precise, it is called the Shifaly hotel/sanitorium. They claim the sanitorium part of it is for people who need rest and relaxation, sort of like our spa. I am not joking when I tell you that he was checked in by a nurse. I don't know of too many spas that require the employment of a nurse. I have told him to be careful where he falls asleep and to make sure his door is locked at all times.

He told me about the bath water at his "hotel". I insisted on a picture. Makes you feel squeaky clean all over doesn't it?

This is a mural that is in a restaurant where he goes. I thought it looked more Irish than Russian but, hey, what do I know about art?

I hope you can see the fabric tied to this tree. It is difficult to distinquish, but this is where newlyweds tie pieces of cloth to symbolize the hope of a long, happy, prosperous marriage.
I think it's interesting to see new customs of other countries that I didn't know about.


  1. What is on that tile in the bathroom? Oranges?

  2. That water looks like ginger ale. Weird.

  3. I would rather bathe in bleach than in that stuff....eww.

  4. Very interesting. Hope he comes home soon. How is the food??

  5. No thank you very much.

    If I'm going to go the trouble of getting a passport, I'm going tropical, baby.

    Don't they need some help in Hawaii? Maybe Bora Bora?

  6. So what is up with that water?? Ewww....

    Does it snow there all the time? Seems like a very cold place. He is brave to go there!

  7. Fascinating. I think I'd pass on the bath though.


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