Saturday, March 28, 2009

7 Weird Things

Randi, over at Foreign Quang tagged me for this meme. I was supposed to do 7 facts about me. But I figured you guys already knew more about me than you ever really wanted to, so I changed it to 7 weird facts about me.

There are many rules I am supposed to follow for this meme, but since I'm a nonconformist, and I don't want to put anyone on the spot, I am not going to follow them. I hope everyone who reads this post will play along. You can do 7 facts of any type you like, they don't have to be weird.

  1. I was born during a lunar eclipse. At least this is what I was told, I don't really remember it.
  2. My favorite emotion is laughing and being grossed out at the same time.
  3. I don't like making left hand turns and if there is more than two lanes of traffic to cross, I will turn right and "go around the block".
  4. I believe that Mel Brooks and Carol Burnett were comedic geniuses that should have gotten together and had little super-human baby comedic geniuses.
  5. I like weird movies that nobody else likes.
  6. If someone tells me not to read or see something because it is too controversial, then I absolutely have to do it. I can't stop myself.
  7. I cannot tolerate gruesome, bloody, violent movies, especially torture movies and I don't understand parents who won't let their kids watch a movie where a man touches a woman's breast, but they will let them watch movies where they cut it off with a chainsaw.

Here is a picture John sent me of some guys he works with.

Can you imagine the conversation that went along with the ordering of this cake?
"Duh...let me see if I got this right. wanted...uhhh...Best Wishes Suzanne....and underneat that....uhhh...we will miss you?"


  1. Oh my gosh! LOL...that cake is for real?? Too funny! Thanks for letting your freak flag fly!

  2. Oh that cake made me LOL! And those dogs in that pic are vizslas, just my like my Max!

    I love your #2!

    And I am the same way about movie.

  3. I totally agree with number seven! I'm such a movie wimp. Furthermore, I can't understand why someone would even MAKE a movie like that! You would think that if you were going through the trouble of making a movie, you would try to make it as good as possible.

    So which weird movies do you like that no one else does?

  4. I love reading weird facts about people! And I especially love your #7. Well said!

  5. Hi Kim, we are totally alike on #3, #6 and #7...tell me not to do something and I will find a way to do it to perfection:) I love your blogs!

  6. Ok, laughed out loud at the dogs and the cake ... although I confess it took me 2 readings of the cake to "get it."

    I agree completely with #7 -- and also #6. Recently my daughters said to me, "Ma! We just realized you have a problem with authority figures."

    Oh dear. Do as I say, not as I do!

    Funny post, thanks!

  7. My favorite weird movies that no one else likes are "Lars and the Real Girl". Everybody thinks it's about a guy falling in love with a mannequin, it's not.
    "Ramblin' Rose", although I wish they would have left out the bedroom scene with the boy. It's about sexual equality, but that's not why I liked it.
    "Red Violin", because dang! I didn't see that coming.


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