Monday, March 30, 2009

Beever Pictures

I am always jealous of artists because I have no ability whatsoever, so I was impressed with Julian Beever, a famous artist from the UK. All of the pictures here were done IN CHALK on the sidewalks of busy streets all over the world. They are 3-dimensional when viewed from the correct angle.
Can you spot Julian on top of the beer bottle?
If I were walking down this sidewalk, I would walk around for fear of falling in.

Politicians falling into a hole.

Incredible! This one is my favorite.

How cute is this little red haired girl looking into the picture?


Heard around our house:

"I just got done poop scooping the backyard and you wouldn't believe the sh*t that was in that sh*t."

"Hey, did you know goob is boog spelled backwards, she said, thrilled with the discovery. Do you think I've been reading too much today?"

Em: "It's ominous out here." Me: "And foreboding."


  1. I love this guy, he's great....seems such a shame they will get washed away,that would kill me if they were mine!

  2. Simply incredible! Thanks for showing these to us!
    About the language - kids surprise us all the time, don't they?

  3. Those are simply AMAZING! That artist is truley gifted! WOW!

  4. I would love to see those in real life. I'm with you on the artistic talent; I can scrapbook and make a cute card with the best of them, but draw? Nope, didn't get that particular gene...

  5. I LOVE these! Thanks for sharing!

  6. Thanks for sharing...think we can throw some select politicians into that hole before it washes away?

  7. Those things are AMAZING! I've seen a couple of them before and they just astound me.

  8. I know right?! Those are SO COOL! I haven't seen them in awhile, thanks for the refresher. That guy is just amazing.

  9. I like this guy's art but I gotta tell you... I'm a bit disappointed after reading the "beever pictures" title.

    You've got a lot of blog posts to make that up.



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