Monday, March 2, 2009

Elephant Eggs

I didn't know elephants hatched from eggs. Did you?
Dr. Seuss would have loved him. I was thinking of keeping him, but he would probably get too big for the house.

Alas, my little poached pachyderm, you must join your brothers and sisters. Next time we meet, you will be swimming amongst the taters in a sea of mayo, mustard and pickle relish.

What should I do about this?
At this point, I'd like to shake my head and say, "She needs help.", but I think it is I that needs the help. She keeps hoggin' my side of the bed.


  1. Weird on the egg. They do the strangest things when under hot pressure.

    And that dog... she has the right idea, man!!

    I've been told I look just like that when I sleep. Not sure how to take it really...

  2. Oh my gosh were right. This is just hysterical. I'm going to just HAVE to follow this one as well, okay?
    I love it!!!!!!! Thanks for the laughs. Laughter is sooooo under-rated :)
    Take good care and.......

    Steady On
    Reggie Girl

  3. O! I need to send you some turkey eggs!!!

    About the dog.
    Buy another bed, you'll sleep better. Trust me.

  4. Intriguing! Especially because today is Dr. Seuss' birthday.

  5. That is one great egg! I do love it. With a house and mouse.

  6. Animals can sleep in the craziest ways! But they make it look so darn comfortable:)

  7. Oh my doggies take up our whole bed every night!

  8. Wow! I didn't know that bout elephants either! It's a good thing you had a camera at hand! :)

  9. Loved the pic of your dog!!!

    I have one too and when you figure out the sharing in the bed thing will you send the training manual to mine? :)

  10. You are cracking me up with the egg!


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