Thursday, March 5, 2009

I'm All Shook Up

You know I am not one prone to ranting....BUT....

John and I were coming back home yesterday after lunch. We were in our subdivision and getting ready to turn left onto our street. This is the exact spot. Sorry the picture is dark, I went back out last night and took it.

I was getting ready to turn left and had my signal on (I promise), when I just happened to glance in my left side mirror and saw a crazy woman in a dark blue mini van PASSING ME ON THE LEFT!

I blurted out, "Oh my God!" and stopped.

John was sitting in the passenger's seat, oblivious, and said, "What?"

"She is going around me!"

When he saw her fly around me, then get back into the right lane, he was just as shocked as I was.

Then, of course, we proceeded to go on with the "she could haves" and the "almosts" and "what ifs". I just drove the rest of the way home in sort of a daze. I was furious, yet thanking my guardian angel for watching out for me.

My question is...WHY AM I SUCH A WIMP? Why did I not chase this woman down and beat her a$$? I have seen her before in the neighborhood adjacent to mine. She parks her car sideways at the end of her driveway thinking it will keep her little tiny kids in the driveway. It doesn't. I have seen her 3 year old daughter in the street on her little wheel with no adult in sight. Her street is busy now with sightseers since they built the Extreme Makeover house on this street.

As you can tell, it's a day later and I'm still pissed. You don't pass people in subdivisions! I still want to go beat her a$$!


  1. Bad drivers are certainly a pet peeve of mine. I figure that if you want a take a risk with your own life, do it (eg skydiving, scuba diving, etc)...but don't take a risk with mine!

  2. When I was teaching my daughter to drive, a very similar scenario happened. Drove me crazy!

  3. Holy Hannah! I can't really say anything nice about that, so I won't say anything at all. :P

    Hee hee.

  4. I think 'most every neighborhood has a mother who drives like a maniac, and doesn't adequately watch her little ones. Makes all the rest of us look out for her kids in her stead. Thank goodness you saw her. What a scary thing!

  5. I say give her the stink eye EVERY time you see her. In the grocery store, driving by, at the post office, wherever, give her the stink eye. I promise she'll get so paranoid it'll make her crazy. Sometimes revenge is better than justice.
    You have an extreme makover house in your neighborhood?

  6. Oh yeah, that would totally piss me off too. Probably a good thing you didn't chase her down though, there are some psychos out there. It is scary to think she was driving so recklessly in your neighborhood.

  7. people driving like this, when kids are likely to be out playing, and her own kids in the must be very tempted to run her over (then reverse back over her to make sure the job is done properly)!!!

  8. It's always after the fact that we wish we would have said or done a certain thing... in the moment we're often too shocked to respond (like you). BUT... I believe in kharma... and the fact that you didn't expend any personal energy in chasing her down works to YOUR benefit. Having said that, if you see her around in a more casual setting say something to her... if you can do it without starting an argument ('cause for some reason I suspect she'd be the type to defend her stupid actions!).
    Good luck with this!
    Victoria from EdinDesigns @ DesignTies

  9. OMG! I am working on a post about the same type of thing! I cannot stand up for myself! I am experiencing bullying on all fronts! I have had self-defense classes, and am a counselor for crying out loud! I just cannot open my mouth! And you are right, she needs her a$$ beat!

  10. I agree. don't chase her down. people are crazy and have guns now adays. Call your local police, non emergency number, and report it. also call dcfs or cps (child protective services) and tell them her children are unsupervised. that is child abuse.

  11. oh I also wanted to say I'm glad you are ok (I tried to post like 4 times earlier and it wouldn't work) :(

  12. I have absolutely ZERO tolerance for stupid, inconsiderate, ignorant, rude drivers. Grrrr!!!! And there are a LOT of them out there!!!

    Probably best that you didn't chase the moron down -- even though it probably would have felt REAL good to whupp her a$$!!! I agree with the karma thing -- it'll get her one of these days, don't worry :-)

    Luckily, nothing that could have happened did -- probably because YOU were paying attention, unlike that crazy freak!! My dad always told me, you have to drive defensively. It's so true!!

    Safe driving!!

    Kelly @ DesignTies

  13. I really don't like stupid people. I'll help you kick her a$$. Ha.


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