Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Eat Up, Ladies

I read an article yesterday that stated that losing as little as 10 pounds can make you look 4 years older. It said that the plumper cheeks and the softer features gave a more youthful appearance. Yay! Score one for us eaters! Woo Hoo!

There is also a quote from a plastic surgeon that states that "People who are trying to stay stick-thin lose weight from their face sooner than they would otherwise and this is extremely ageing".

"This volume loss can be compounded by yo-yo dieting, where not only do you create volume loss, but also stretching of the facial supporting ligaments due to repeated facial volume gain and loss, which causes deeper nose-to-mouth lines and jowls.

To prove my point, Exhibit A, who looks better, the girl on the left or the girl on the right?

I say let's stay fat and sassy, and look younger too. Anybody want to go out for some hot fudge cake?


  1. I'm in. Let's meet at Olive Garden and have some tiramisu and coffee.

    Seriously. We really need to meet sometime, since we live, like, fifteen minutes from each other.

  2. Oh. I had to gasp out loud when I saw that photo. Oh.

  3. great! so i don't have to feel bad about eating the whole bag : )

  4. Wow that girl is skinny. Yeah, I'll take my bodacious bod over that any day!

  5. Anything with hot fudge, and I'm in!

  6. I am for Fat and Sassy! Great post!

  7. I'm scared! That photo is terrifying.


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